Thursday, October 21, 2010


I took most of August and ALL of September off from most physical activity. I have my health issues back under control and need to get back to it! I was able to be a last minute sub for the M2M Relay. It was a fun, tough day! Reminded me of my first Half Marathon when I wasn't as prepared as I should've been. It was one of those things where I knew I COULD do it even though I SHOULDN'T do it. I had a really awesome team and I was glad for the experience. Next year, I hopefully won't be a last minute sub but can be on a team the whole time and have ample training time!
Right now I'm just looking forward to enjoying gym time again and getting back to feeling "normal". I think I may be finally able to have a somewhat consistent schedule. I really want to spend time running again. It's finally Fall with the wonderfully cool weather! I am looking forward to beginning the marathon training class in Jan and getting ready for my 2nd Full Marathon! I have to remember it's one day at a time and I need to make the most of each day. Starting!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Runner's World?

I've been taking a slight hiatis from my running. Since the Marathon I've run occasionally but now I have my gym buddy back! We've been going to spinning, power pump, pilates, and kickboxing! I have to say I like being well rounded once again! I do want to make a day or tow a week for some light running. This heat just makes it impossible to think about and the treadmill is never overly desirable :( Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma!

Maybe I'll squeeze a run or two in next week :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


It is the day after the Lincoln Marathon and I can still feel it! What an amazing day! (Although this wasn't the feeling I had for the entire 26.2 miles lol!) There was even a point when I stopped believing the finish would be worth it, but it of course was worth every step!!! It was truly an awesome day for running and the spirit that feels the streets of Lincoln is indescribable!!! I love how I recognize so many runners and bystanders this year. I really felt I belonged! Even the random strangers who didn't know me from Adam but cheered for "618" anyway really helped lift me along the route. Thanks to my personal cheering section at the finish! What a great feeling and really add to the runner high! I completed my first full marathon in 4 hrs 1 min, which leaves some room for improvement next year ;
I am thankful for the guidance of Ann and the support of the YMCA Marathon class. What a great group of runners! I wouldn't not having gotten through this without the last 4 months of group runs, informational speakers, and great advice along the way! Also the great support of my stand in sitters to tote Elijah to and fro so I could go to "class".
I'm not ready to go out and run today, but I am already looking forward to the next event! This was a great experience and I've learned from it. I hope to have as great of time in the future and then some (taking some knowledge with me from this time).

Friday, April 30, 2010

Yet Another Race!

I recently read a "classmate's" blog about the upcoming Marathon/Half Marathon. Just last week or so I was asking another friend if she had blogged lately. (The answer was no.) This has lead me back to the blogosphere :)
This weekend is the Lincoln National Guard Marathon/Half Marathon. After running the Lincoln Half twice and the Omaha Half this past September, I decided it was time to take the next step. (Well, maybe not RIGHT after the Omaha Half, I definitely needed some recovery time!)Although each time I completed a half, I'd think to myself how the full marathoners were just plain crazy, I decided to sign up for 2010! The YMCA class with Ann has been AWESOME!!! It's been a long (sometimes hard) four months. It's amazing what one can learn about oneself through this process. I have become a stronger and more knowledgeable runner that's for sure! I've met some great people and have had a great time. It's amazing to think that four months of hard work is all coming to a head this Sunday! I've such great support along the way and I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate them. My sisters were great helpers with Elijah during my weeknight runs. Marcus, my truly wonderful and understanding boyfriend, really came through when my Saturday morning runs awaited me. I know through much of this I've been a bit of a pain and occassionally self absorbed. I promise to be a better person in a couple of days. My glory is shared with all of you! The encouraging words have meant the world to me! I just want everyone to know how much you mean to me. I may be putting in the 26.2 miles on Sunday, but I couldn't have gotten there on my own!
I look forward to future blogs as I get back into the swing of things. I am looking forward to a great year of continued running and future adventures!

Friday, May 15, 2009


So this high I was on after the Lincoln Half? it's got me committed to the Omaha Half! I mentioned making a weekend of it with my folks and son since my parents haven't made it to any of my runs since I started "racing" last year! So my mom booked a hotel in Council Bluffs for that weekend. We're gonna have our own little "Stay-cation" in Omaha! WOW!!! Next week I'll officially register for the race and order a couple extra plates at the Pasta-Thon. Anyone else feel like "road tripping" in Sept? Now that my son has running shoes (from Payless, no worries), I need to treat myself to a pair. Next month I'm heading to the Lincoln Running Co and getting some expert advice! I think taking that step may actually help make me an official runner! I think I'm ready to take that step! I look at it as an investment in my "hobby" and health. If I'm gonna be 29 for the next 10 years, I'm gonna have to put some work into it!
I admit I took almost a week off after the half. I've only run 3 times since then. But I think after this morning's run I'm back on track. I have runs planned for Sat (on my own) and Sunday with Karrie...yeah!!! Since I'll miss Goodyear next Wednesday for church, I'll probably run in the morning to make up for it. Sorry girls, you'll have to kick extra hard for me! Depending on when I have to head for Hastings NEXT Sat, I may try to take Anne's Body Power class to make up for it. Somewhere amidst all the crazy workouts I put myself through, I need to take a leisurely walk with my son and just take in some nature and relaxation. And that means NOT going to the gym that's orders!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Running High!!

Well, I successfully completed the Half Marathon this past Sunday and am proud to say I came in under my goal time!! I was seriously flying high the rest of the day! The last stretch seems to be the toughest, but luckily that's where all my "fans" were waiting. There's not better motivation! Thank you to everyone who may not be a runner, but can at least be a runner supporter! We need you!!! I'm so motivated that I am considering the Omaha Half in September! (Or maybe I'm just that crazy...the running bug has hit!) Plus if I have another goal waiting for me down the road, it's motivate me to stay "in training". Right now I need to focus on the Havelock 10k before I get too ahead of myself. I will be throwing in more interval training these next few weeks. I've also told myself once I complete the Havelock Run I will invest in some actual running shoes. (No more lectures from my brother about improper shoes!)
I also plan on attending the Y in the next few weeks and getting E signed up for swim lessons. Plus we will be working on bike riding lessons. I have us signed up for the annual Trail Trek at the end of June so we need to get busy!
My big plans for July is the Cornhusker State Games Triathlon with my sis and Wes. Nessa will take on the swimming portion, as I have not conditioned for that at all. Wes will take on the 12 mile bike ride, and I'll run the 5k portion. If I have something to "train" for each month, I'll get some good use of out my shoes and gym membership(s)...hee hee!
Here's to Spring and the quickly approaching Summer days!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a weekend!

I did not make it to the gym or the running group on Sat morning. I went with my mom and E to clean the church at 7am instead. Then I had MAJOR running around to do to get ready for the big birthday bash! Despite the weather, all the kids had a great time. Elijah kept thanking me for the wonderful surprise (bounce house)! He had so much fun! I didn't even mind (too much) paying the fee for bringing it back wet! It was VERY worth it!!! After all the kids left, Elijah and I went crazy in the bounce for another hour or so before we had to take it down. What a blast!!! I consider that better than any workout I could've gotten at the gym or otherwise!

I really want to get one last long run in either today or tomorrow. Then, as Karrie pointed out, I will be tapering off this week in prep for the half next Sun. Just one week away!!!....AHHHH!!! I know I am more prepared for it this year than last, but I'm still a little freaked out! It will be great though and I'm glad to be doing it again. (Ask me how I feel about mile 7 or so!) At least I have motivation to stay in training afterwards as I am planning on joining Karrie's team for the Havelock 10k in June. Then after that, I can slow down a bit....but not too much. I'll try to stay consistent...

Now I have a late afternoon at work and won't be done till after 7pm. Not sure I'll be up for a run when I'm done. Guess it'll wait till tomorrow morning.